Saba Jungle Run Free Android Game

Saba Jungle Run

Story Behind Saba Jungle Run

No doubt we all love some Adventure in our life and today we are going to tell you a short story of a 7 year old girl called Saba. She is absolutely beautiful but stubborn, she used to not listen to her parents. One day while playing in her garden an evil thought came to her mind that her Mum doesnot love her and she should leave. 

She left her home and while running she lost into a Jungle. She immediately regret her poor decision and wanted to go back home but she couldnt find.

Now she is relying on You to help her get out of the jungle. Do you think you have the courage to get her safely out of the jungle without her being harmed? Well Good Luck!!

Game Details

Saba Jungle Run is an Adventure game released just today on Google Play Store. Game is fairly simple but very challenging and need high attention in order to complete the level. You have to jump through obstacles while running for your life and as the name describes it, its a Jungle running game. developed and published by AW Games.

The game is totally free and doesnot have any in-app purchases. You must try this new game, I absolutely loved it as its very challenging Adventure Game.


- Brilliant Graphics 
- Very Challenging 
- Beautiful Character 
- Fantastic music

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