Monument Valley 2 pre-registration now available in Play Store

monument valley 2

Monument Valley 2 Pre-registration

Yes, after the success of Moment Valley ustwo games, the developer, launched Moment Valley 2 for iOS earlier this Summer 2017. But sadly, it was not available for Android. Now It is available for Pre-registration on PlayStore. Here are some of the screenshots of the game.

monument valley 2 screenshotmonument valley 2 screenshot

monument valley 2 screenshotmonument valley 2 screenshot

The Game is well known because of its popularity in the best puzzle games on both Android and iOS. New release also promises that you don’t have to have previously played Moment Valley to enjoy Monument Valley 2. This is great news for those who have already played this game or would like to try now. Here comes the gameplay trailer of the game below.

Finally, I would say the game already received very positive reviews on iTunes and costs £4.99 and is expected that it will have the same price when released in Play Store. Once you pre-register you will be notified when the game is available.

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